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Photoshop For The Press

Latest Photoshop for Press Internet Implementtion

At WASPADA PRESS, we've decades of experience, knowledge, and working principle in operating the Dark Room Large Reprography/Reproduction Camera such the NuArc USA, Comic Stripe color solution and implementation .making Film-From Manual Rasterisation to Advanced Prepress Editorial Image Setting using Linotronic-Apple Mac Computer Network Router Protocol Process, Espana 82 World Cup Overseas Telefax Photo Scan and the today's latest CtP-WAN (Wide Area Network) Innovative Technology.

Photoshop For The Press is now available for Internet Publishing to support AI (Artificial Intelligent) based Internet Provider in particular for our WEM USA ASCAP Music Publishing partner.

Photoshop For The Press is also a Client Benefit Online Mastering Tools for Photographs that can be published in the Internet Media, Local Daily/Weekly Newspapers, Magazines, Tabloid Inserts, Billboards, Signage and more.

Contact us for newer Implementation Information on Photoshop For The Press.

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